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sustainable concrete with
no compromises

At Precast Concrete Aust making the best possible concrete is our focus so we are acutely aware of the significant impact that concrete manufacture can have on the environment. We've taken as many measures as possible to reduce the impact that our concrete has on the environment. We partner with recycling and waste management companies to be able to ensure that every step in the product lifecycle is managed in a sustainable way that helps to reduce the amount of waste our blocks create. 

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We try very hard to source our raw materials from sustainable places. In fact, 85% of the of the raw materials in our blocks come from a recycling facility in Queensland including rocks, stone, gravel and sand. That means that the majority of what goes into our blocks do not require any further extraction of natural resources to produce. 


Making concrete is messy business but we've optimised our processes so that there is minimal wastage of raw materials, water or energy. Our products are cured naturally using the awesome power of the sun and any blocks which don't meet our strict standards are either recycled or repurposed so none of them go to waste. 



We put so much effort into our blocks that it would be such a waste for them to end up in landfill when they are no longer useful to you. That's why we've implemented a recycling program where we will take back your unwanted blocks and either reuse, repurpose or recycle them so they don't end up creating more waste (transport costs will apply). 

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