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Concrete Wall

Concrete Recycling

Our raw materials come from recycled and re-used construction and demolition waste. We are always on the look out for concrete waste that we can process to turn back into sustainable precast concrete products. You can also use this option to discard your used and unwanted precast concrete products and save them from festering in a landfill.

How it works..


Concrete recycling is performed by our sister companies RAW Skips and AKM Earth. Concrete is processed, cleaned, crushed and screened into crusher dust and aggregate which goes straight back into our batch to make more concrete.


We can organise to have concrete bins to be placed at your location anywhere between Brisbane and Noosa Heads. Alternatively you can organise to drop off your concrete to our processing facility in Caboolture (minimum load of 6 tonnes).


Clean Concrete - Waste concrete including leftover concrete slurry, concrete blocks or other concrete with no contamination.

Dirty Concrete - Majority concrete waste but with more than 5% contamination.

We consider concrete with reinforcing steel to be clean concrete.

How Much?

Clean Concrete - $10 plus gst per tonne of clean concrete. Freight charges may apply

Dirty Concrete - $15 plus gst per tonne of dirty concrete. Freight charges may apply

Freight Charges - We charge $10 per kilometre freight charge calculated from your location to the site of our nearest processing facility. This covers delivery and pick-up of a concrete bin by one of our trucks.

What can't be recycled?

We are unable to accept the following as part of our concrete recycling program because they just don't produce a gravel which is useful to make concrete from.

  • House bricks

  • Roof tiles

  • Outdoor pavers

  • Clay tiles

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Caesarstrone or Similar

  • Sandstone

Although these materials can't be used to make more concrete we can still recycle these into roadbase and other construction materials and would be happy to discuss with you on a case by case basis.

We do not accept asbestos or asbestos contaminated products.

Book me in!

To book a concrete bin or if you have any questions please contact RAW Skips via email or phone call below:

Phone: 07 3878 7533


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