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Precast Concrete Aust (PCA) is a privately owned Queensland company that manufactures sustainable precast concrete products from mostly recycled construction and demolition waste. We offer a comprehensive catalogue of engineered precast concrete products that can be augmented with a variety of accessories and attachments. Our products are used across the civil, mining, agricultural, earth retention and materials storage industries.

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concrete blocks

Our standard blocks come in interlocking, flat-top or tie-down variants. They can be outfitted with a large variety of accessories including additional lifting points, tie down points, threaded ferrules, forklift pockets or reinforcing mesh. These blocks are available in 500kg to 1500kg sizes. We have made blocks as small as 40kg and are currently developing a block that weighs 23, 000 kilos. All our concrete is rated to at least 20 MPa in compressive strength and made from 85% recycled materials.

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sustainable concrete

Our mission is to produce concrete that is more sustainable. We do this by implementing significant changes to how concrete is made at every stage of manufacturing. Our raw materials are locally sourced from recycled and reclaimed construction and demolition waste from worksites across South East Queensland. We utilise manufacturing methods which minimise wastage of raw materials, energy and water as much as possible.  


custom precast

We provide bespoke precast solutions for clients and customers who are unable to find pre-existing products to suit their needs. Our design team will provide a concept sketch and can even provide a scale model to help the client visualise the end product. We will then create custom moulds and proceed to casting the product based on the specifications set out by the client.


whole of life product stewardship

We have implemented a product lifecycle program to try and keep our blocks out of landfill. If a concrete product no longer fulfils a need for our clients and customers we can take the blocks back at the end of their life. If we are unable to repurpose blocks then we recycle them back into raw materials and use them to make new blocks.  

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