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700h x 800w x 800l foundation block




plus GST

scale (1).png

Height: 700mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 800mm

weight (1).png



Product Information

Our temporary lighting, power, solar and CCTV pole foundations are designed for secure mounting of utility poles for use in temporary locations.

They can be outfitted with cast-in ferrules, forklift pockets and PVC conduit elbows at an additional cost.

Optional Features

The following optional features may be available (additional costs may apply):

  • Fork lift pockets

  • Flat top (removal of interlocking nodules)

  • Tie down points / Utility Anchors

  • Grout tubes

  • Drainage conduits

  • Hold down bolts

  • Eye bolts

  • Horizontal or Vertical Voids

  • Ragbolt cages

  • Female threaded ferrules

  • Reinforcing mesh

  • Higher strength concrete mixtures

  • Painting

  • Stencilling​

Delivery & Freight

We provide multiple freight options.

If you have a truck or a preferred transporter products can be picked up from our Pinkenba Manufacturing Facility upon arrangement at no additional cost.

We can also provide a case by case delivery estimate from our freight partners. Delivery charges vary based on tonnage and distance. Most estimates are based on an hourly rate from our yard to the destination then back to the depot with an assumption of one hour to load and one hour to unload. 

Please contact us for an estimate of freight charges.

Product Stewardship

At Precast Concrete Aust we are proud to always be striving to make a more sustainable precast concrete product. That's why we've implemented a whole of life product stewardship program in an attempt to prevent our blocks from ending up in landfill and contributing to more waste.

Our precast concrete products are made from 85% locally sourced recycled materials and the finished product is 100% recyclable. Return your used and unwanted PCA concrete products to us free of charge (transport costs will apply) to participate in our whole of life product stewardship program. We will either re-use your blocks if they are in good condition or we will recycled them into the constituent parts to be remade into new products such as more concrete blocks, gravel or road-fill. This allows us to save our concrete from ending up in a land fill.


If organising transport back to us is too difficult we can send a skip truck from our sister waste management company RAW Skips to collect your blocks for a fee and be returned to us for processing.

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